Music, p. 148-149

Dance and music mediate between the sensual and the spiritual life.  Ludvig van Beethoven (modified quote)

The Zeffa, a wedding processional dance, was to be performed by Dara, brought  to Panama to perform at the wedding of an affluent business man’s daughter.

Known by various names—zeffah, zaffa, zeffa—it is a raqs as-shamadan dance style and a very old Egyptian tradition. The use of a candelabra is more recent. The raq traces its origins somewhere between the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. The dancer who made it famous was Zouba al-Klobativa who balanced a lantern on her head during a wedding procession. The light from the candles were to light the way and symbolized light, love, and prosperity, including fertility.

Another dancer who made it famous was Shafiqa al-Qobtiva. She was already famous and took the balancing act to higher demand.


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