Aspects of the Novels Elaborated Upon

Thoughts beyond the Novel CCC.3 – Human Trafficking

One of the characters in Choir of Cloistered Canaries was a victim of human trafficking and slavery, a minor subplot. However, the novel lays out how a victim can understand early on the signs of how the perpetrator sets out to victimize someone. During this period of early captivity, hopefully, the victim can escape. However, […]

Thoughts beyond the Novel: CCC.2, Pan-American Beef Stew

Why Pan-American Stew? Why not? As a starter, there are many notable stews from around the world. They number at approximately 179 stews. So why not add another that draws from the fruits of Latin America and from export trade? The Pan-American stew uses three prominent food sources of the Americas—namely, sweet potato, beef. and […]

Beyond the Novel: CCC.1 – “Dust”

There is a beguiling chapter on dust in the fourth edition (1980) of Deserts on the March by Paul B. Sears. It reads as follows: Long before the days of the microscope and the chemical balance, it was understood that dust is the beginning and the end of all things. Dust is always in the […]

Thoughts Beyond the Novel: DoD.2

A Delightful Treat from Curaçao The novel, Daughters of the Dance, mentions several foods from Curaçao.* Now that we are in the midst of winter where, in the panhandle of Florida, there were rare flurries landing on the ground, enjoy the treats that are of Sephardic origin and popular in custom on the island. The […]


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