Music, p. 209

Dance and music mediate between the sensual and the spiritual life.  Ludvig van Beethoven (modified quote)

 When is music “quieter than silence”? Perhaps when the vibration between notes is finely heard. As Hezar Pareh explains in his worldwide “Quieter than Silence” project, “The silence that is quieter is beyond the physical. There are so many levels of expressions that words cannot express them except through music and silence. That is when they can be expressed.” I would add dance. Between the notes is where the best silence can be captured.

Thus, the following is a compilation of Rumi quotes into prose:


     Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. When you do things from your [being], you feel a river moving inside you, joy. {Let that river be a dance.] We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us. [Look inward when you dance. Be silent, even be still, when you dance.] Your heart knows the way. [Dance] in that direction. Let silence take you to the core of life. Let silence be the art you practice. Let go of your mind and then be mindful. Close your ears and listen. The message behind the silence is the voice of the heart.

      In the silence, there is eloquenceStop weaving, [just be in the movement], and see how the pattern improves. Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there. There is a voice that does not use words, listen. Dance until you shatter yourself. Then, dance when you are perfectly free…It is only from the heart you can touch the sky. Become the sky, and let yourself become living poetry. The source of now is here.

By way of introduction, there are several styles of spiritual dance that connect you to ‘eternity’ or ‘the source’. Click here.

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