Generally, I don’t read that much fiction as I usually stick to history.  You have a gift for writing with a real talent for cross-cultural complexities as they play out in personal relationships.  I particularly liked the genre….both the time frame (interesting period/span of world history) and the choice of the Eastern Caribbean, something of a geographic side-bar which is quite unfamiliar to most.  Off hand, I thing the work could serve as the basis of a nice Netflix series, perhaps slightly adjusting to a more familiar geographic setting. Personally, I liked the setting the way it is. Brian R. S. , Official, U.S. Department of State (retired)

I had to wait for my wife to read the book first. The sex scenes got her by surprise. |  I was once told that there is more history in fiction then in non-fiction.  Your book proves that.  The book is truly historical; scholarly, and I have to re-read some parts because there is so much in it. I enjoyed multiple references by all the major religions and their accuracy. Your treatment of the religions of the world did not surprise me as you had those interests when you were attending the Panama Canal College in La Boca.  |  The story I liked, and I will re-read for the multiple messages that you convey. I have that feeling there was too much to absorb factually.)  I am very proud of your accomplishments.   Joseph Patrick Kane, Librarian, Panama Canal College, La Boca, Canal Zone, Panama (retired); author’s mentor

I found it easy to immerse myself in this intriguing historical novel (with informative footnotes). Do not let the title of the book, Daughters of the Dance, fool you. With a focus on the Sephardic-Ladino community of Curacao and the menace of two World Wars as backdrop, the book becomes epic-like in scope yet never loses its intimacy.  Thomas Armentano, Ph.D., Botanist, http://natureshalfacre.wordpress.com

I read the book which was very informative, and you obviously did lots of research. It has grand themes, to be sure. I enjoyed it’s story very much.., the history of the Sephardic family was most interesting to me…. At three hundred pages…it took me time to read and see the direction you were taking, but that’s just me. I think you should now contact the Sephardic community blogs and Jewish magazines for getting a book review. Think they would find this historical aspect most interesting….  Neil Thomas Evan, Panama City, Panama

I finished the book today! I’ve been up since 3:45 reading. I really couldn’t put it down.
It was so upsetting when […] died!  |  The book is really remarkable Armida … I love how layered it is with all of the history and technical details and religion/spiritual aspects, the dancing and art/craft and sensuality. All of the relationships and details of how the people are connected in so many ways.   |  A lot of aspects of it were personal to me, […] having […] and when they scattered her ashes and … […] dying was so sad! I did have tears several times reading the book, it is very gripping. I really think you’ve written something wonderful!! ❤ So glad I got to read it.  Kathi Petersen, Nova Scotia, Canada  http://pufferbellies.ca