Generally, I don’t read that much fiction as I usually stick to history.  You have a gift for writing with a real talent for cross-cultural complexities as they play out in personal relationships.  I particularly liked the genre….both the time frame (interesting period/span of world history) and the choice of the Eastern Caribbean, something of […]

about Daughters of the Dance

Dealing with adult and controversial themes, Daughters of the Dance is a beautiful, moving saga of three generations of strong women immersed in the art of the dance and in their profound relationships with high-powered men driven by oil, wealth, war, trade, religious beliefs, nature, female submissiveness, and sexual boundaries. It is a story of […]


For an author to seek the review of a web site that offers an independent review of her novel is risky business but welcomed. Following are two reviews: Following is the official OnlineBookClub review of Daughters of the Dance that received four out of four stars! (reprinted) “Hardly had I come across a book that combined […]

“If you tell me the facts, I’ll learn. If you tell me the truth, I’ll believe. But if you tell me a strong story, it may live in my heart forever.” (An ancient proverb) A historical novel may do just that. Welcome to works by Armida Nagy Rose Author of Two Historical Novels DAUGHTERS OF […]